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♪ charles: is apple a screaming buy right now? the chart, we'll we'll going to have the chart. the chart says it is. we'll talk more about that. hello, everyone, i'm charles payne in for stuart. here is the big story. apple's chart is pointing to several positives. including the fact the stock is coming off a double-bottom, serious accumulation after every dip. one person accumulating the stock, carl icahn. he has the ear of management the stock is on the cusp of a huge breakout with a close of $5.10. high-profile member of the black community rips president obama. louis farrakhan says, get this, government can't fix our problems. the president's policies have failed african-americans. now congressman darrell issa, he wants to see lois lerner's
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personal email. she was using that account for official business. that's a big no, no. the president says the scandals were phony. you remember that. "varney & company" begins right now. uses 89% less energy. and costs 77% less. it's called hp moonshot. and it's giving the internet the this&is gonna be big.. hp moonshot. it's time to build a better enterprise. together.
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charles: first this developing story. a ups car go plane crashed while trying to land near birmingham, alabama. the city's mayor says the two pilots were only crewmembers on board. fox news confirms they were killed in the crash. no bystanders were injured. ntsb is out to investigate. president obama not doing enough to help minorities back to work. that is coming from civil rights activist louis farrakhan. take a listen to this. >> the government of america can not solve our problems. the fact is that when president obama was sworn in on
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january 20th, 2009, the black unemployment rate was 12.7%. it now stands at 13.8%. charles: well, liz, he said the government's not doing enough to fix the problems. of course he had the numbers to back it up. >> black unemployment rate is double what it is for whites but it is trending down. it was 16.5% in 2011. but the fact is, the government can not fix anybody's unemployment rate. the economy is bad for everybody. charles: what i think is interesting, is that, essentially what i think what he's trying to say, at the end of the day you just said it. we have to fix it, we, individuals. start with yourself and you work through the community. ultimately the government can't do what you are supposed to do for yourself. >> that's right. but his point is black unemployment rate has always been very bad for the last 50 years, at recession levels. that is what lewis farrakhan. charles: government is no magic elixer. new developments, believe it or not on the irs scandal. lois lerner, official at head of
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scandal, supposedly used personal email accounts for irs business. republican officials say this could violate federal requirements. they are asking learner to turn over all business-related emails sent from her personal account. phony scandal not going way. we'll have more at the top of the next hour. the billionaire investor carl icahn has a message for tim cook and apple. i'm buying it. the he thinks it could get back to where it was. we'll find out where it will be at the opening bell. that's next. at a dry clean, we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?!
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♪ charles: well, carl icahn, apparently he loves apple. he is going to keep on loving it. buying and holding the stock. time now for you to do the same. that's coming up. we're a minute away from the opening bell. joining the company from chicago is trey can nip pa. don't tell stuart but summers is favorite. >> i view thighs candidates as two sides from the same coin. the federal government will still spend money they don't. they will finanne the spending
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with more debt. the federal reserve will stand and backstop that and buying 75% of all new issuance of debt. do either of the candidates have slightest inclination of changing that and maybe repudiating what they're doing in washington? absolutely not. we'll continue down the same path that we're on now. charles: so, in other words, whatever happens with either one of these, from economic point of view doesn't change? argue men versus women. abrasive manner versus a non-abrasive manner. inner circle of obama being rewarded once again. but from economic point of view, doesn't matter at all, both of them will do the president's bidding? >> wouldn't it be ironic after summers is obviously famous about comments from women, it would be a great irony have them lose this race to a woman. be that as it may. charles: be that as it may. it would be a sweet irony, some would say. trey, thank you. we appreciate it.
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rather lackluster open, unchanged for the moment. do want to check out the gate. deere, big farm equipment company, had big profits in the last quarter. we often use that as something of a economic indicator. lauren, we want to find out how the shares are doing. >> up a little bit. up .2 of 1%, charles. we were seeing bigger gains in the premarket. like you said the company reported earnings, it was a big beat. sold a lost tractors to farmers. not so much a equipment to other industries. it was the farm sector that was big. we are receiving word of a voluntary recall of 7,000 tractors. that could be an item taking some momentum out of the stock today. charles: remember these earnings reflect the last three months, not what is ahead. a lot of people think the farmers might be done for now buying all the tractors. we'll see. >> yeah. charles: next up, guys, steinway piano. someone said there could abiding war. it was me. that was me.
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>> that was you. you said they willer this week. you were right, shares were up nearly 6% today. so this is the news for steinway this morning. the, john paulson's hedge fund put in a $40 per share offer. that was more than 30% premium from another offer that values the company at more than $500 million. this stock is up today. it is at an annual high and it is up 80% in 2013. charles: absolutely amazing. lvb, ludwig von beethoven. taken over by private equity. i said apple could be set to take off. we have a market walkwatcher with. much apple, you think it's a buy? >> absolutely i think it's a buy. when i was on the show last time i think it was a buy. i think it is strong and it will get stronger. charles: why has it been strong? >> it is strong because it bounced off pretty reasonable lows where people said it is fairly valued here you have to own this and i think simply the
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trajectory forward. something to do with the icahn hug. when carl comes in especially with a lot of shorts out there and herbalife, and netflix he gives them a bear hug. i'm going to own this and get long and the stock is up. >> carl may have a one billion dollar stake in apple. we don't know just yet. he is saying you know what, apple? you can borrow cheaply to buy back shares that would drive the price up to $700 a share. last time we saw that charles and gang was sent 2012. you would think they would do that, do another stock buyback? remember they did 60 billion in april. >> they did a huge amount and can easily do it again. that debt for them is nothing. they can obviously pay cash but they don't have to of the they could borrow cheaply and should be doing that. charles: the fact of the matter, $700 a share, people said it was undervalued using all traditional metrics, p-e ratios. apple is one thing. you bought blackberry on friday? >> yes.
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charles: before it took off. why dud buy blackberry because everyone else was saying this thing is dead? >> i look at stock like old rim and blackberry, is it going to find common ground somewhere near the bottom? will there be some interest because no one has any interest in it? will somebody come out of left field and show interest. all of sudden shorts that are out there. charles: how did you know precisely? did you use a chart and say, you know what, this thing looks ridiculous? i saw volume week ago, 31 million shares, no news. smart guys are out there and we want to share with the audience. how did you know that when the overall narrative that these guys were dead and done. >> i look at capital flows and volume related basis. i saw movement. you take notice. i look at the charts. i see where the support is and what the interest might be at what levels. liz: there is a danger. a third of shares are short in blackberry. could have been short covering that popped it higher. you make a good point. who will hug, to use your word,
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blackberry? will it be ibm. [will it be cisco? will it be sales force? other guys, microsoft and hp done their mobile phone kind of venture. >> there are plenty of suitors out there. if you look back -- blackberry's balance sheet there is enough cash there. there is enough ability to cut payrolls and r&d to self-finance this. you could essentially leverage the company and buy it for nothing. you could buy it with its own assets. it makes perfect sense for any deal maker. charles: having said that, you have a nice gain in it. before i let you go, i got to say will you ride it out? >> yes. think think is the way to go. i see it above 15 and going possibly to 20. this could get into a bidding war. charles: sean, that's why we love you. see you soon. two signs, that's right, two signs that spending cuts and austerity may actually be a good thing. first the pain from the sequestration. not as bad as president obama made it out to be.
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most of the major federal agencies out there, they have managed to reduce planned furloughs pretty well. some have eliminated them all together. secondly, looks like europe is coming out of recession. european economy growing in the second quarter of this year. turns out you can cut spending without the world coming to an end. at least that is what it is looking like so far, liz. liz: yeah, remember headlines out of sequester cuts, basically the sky was going to fall? biggest complainers, transportation, homeland security, education. even federal unions said we found fat to cut. they didn't have to do furloughs. reduced them or eliminated them or didn't do any furloughs whatsoever. senator tom coburn had it right. when when you put their feet to the fire they find the fat marbled through their operations to cut. charles: guess what? everyone watching the show had to do the same thing. liz: that's right. charles: american households, you're still here. we reduced household debt $1.5 trillion and the government
9:37 am
said they couldn't slow the growth? >> that is proof positive, i like marblization. liz: like the steak last weekend. charles: i want to see what krugman says about this. especially europe. ace state might be working. >> deafening silence out of paul krugman. charles: maybe we were wrong about something, about liberal hollywood elites. here is some of ashton kutcher's message to america's youth. >> i never had a job in my life that i was better than. i was always just lucky to have a job. and every job i had was a stepping stone to my next job. i never quit my job, until i had my next job. charles: opportunity looks a lot like hard work. we talked to the man who wrote the book on hollywood elite. jason mattera will be with us at 10:35. i have honor of finding you seven stocks. this is interesting, gold stocks
9:38 am
are casting bids. a lot of bottom-fishing by a lot of smart people. blackberry making a move. it has been edging up all week. sean said it could be a possibly $20 stock huge. sina. this is not a victory lap because i'm in it. citigroup went from a buy to a sell rating. citigroup, said you know what, we like it as a buy. that's why people don't like wall street. a couple of diabetes stocks. owe cyrus. look at this, graphics diabetes product which works with foot ulcers actually had a real good deal. efficacy. mankind could be on cusp of fda approval after years of trying for diabetes treatment that you inhale. i will try to get the ceo on the show. brocade beat the street bycents. revenues beat. guidance absolutely fantastic. the industry is coming back sooner rather than later. we're up for a few moments.
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go back to the big board. dow is up 34 points. we were like this yesterday and up 70. we pulled back in the morning, find buyers midday. don't take your eye off the market. meantime, pure fantasy or blind ambition. elon musk play for the hyperloop. we talk to intel tech to separate fact or fiction. ♪ clients are always learning more to make their money do more. (ann) to help me plan my next move, i take scottrade's free, in-branch seminars... plus, their live webinars. i use daily market commentary to improve my strategy.
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charles: now the latest from egypt. egyptian security forces moved on two pro-morsi demonstrator camps earlier today.
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dozens are reported dead. more than 100 are reported injured. cameraman from fox sister station, sky news, mick dean has been shot and killed in the fighting. dean worked for sky news for 15 years. the rest of his team is unhurt. rest of the country is in chaos. ambassador john bolton will join us at top of the hour to discuss. let's check the big board. the dow is off 52 points. time for the morning gold report. gold had been hanging in there pretty good, still above 1300, $1322 a ounce. look at macy's. missed earnings around lowered the forecast for the year which includes back to school and christmas. the company also cut its prices. obviously not good for the stock. tesla ceo, elon musk promising to change the world with his ultrahigh speed transit system. he is calling a hyperloop. could it actually become reality or is it a pipe-dream? intel futurist brian johnson joins the company with his
9:45 am
thoughts. brian, i love this thing. i think it is so cool. i've seen it in the movies. looks like the kind of thing eventually we'll be able to do. >> i think the hyperloop is awesome and what is really cool about it, charles, it could be real. elon didn't just go do this by himself. he sat down with his engineers from tesla and speaks x. remember these are engineers, who have number one, gotten a commercial company into space in a decade and made electric cars cool. so these people know what they're doing. and i read the report and it looks pretty good. now there's a lot of work that needs to be done but it looks possible. charles: only thing i would say, i think they said 6 or 7 billion. i betcha something like this went through it would be $100 billion. but may be worth it. it is so, really, absolutely amazing to think you could hop in one of these things. first i guess it would be small within america. maybe around the world? certainly thank the world, wouldn't it? >> well, i think it would change how we travel those short
9:46 am
distances. i think that is what is really kind of interesting about it. that is what they're saying it works for a specific type of travel. they're really pragmatic about it. they're really pragmatic we want to make it for the small trips. not the huge long trips that air travel would be better for. that is what i really liked about the approach. what i liked more how it captured people's imagination. that is what is cool about this thing. you look at it, we know the devils in the details. we know transportation projects are always very, very complicated and they said that as well. but what is really cool when you read the report what it would feel like to ride the what it would feel like to get in san francisco and go down. that captures peep's imagination. that is what is important. charles: you're right. they talked about the all the bumps and everything else. let's talk about more of a reality today. intel, i know you guys are working on cool stuff too that could change transportation as we know it. >> in the short term you can
9:47 am
look at cars. cars are mobile platforms we drive around. they're full of computations. consumers are expecting to have their cars to have same personalization and same flexibility that their smartphones and tablets and ultrabooks have. that is what is coming in the short term. in the long term, it gets, really, really cool. imagine if your car could gossip with other cars to keep you safer? and imagine, you're going, so go with me for a second, charles. charles: okay. >> actually a good thing. it is good goss system you're driving and you see a car in front of you slam on their brakes. now are they slowing down gradually or are they stopping really fast? if your cars were gossiping your cars would know that and be able to keep you much safer. that is what we're trying to do at intel, saying how can we take all the computational powers and get all the cars linked together to ultimately make people's lives better and ultimately save their lives. charles: what you're essentially talking about we becoming one
9:48 am
with the car. the car feels us, knows us, maybe reads our brains? we become one with the car so it is almost as if, you know, because, you know, it is exciting but also kind of worrisome too in some ways. one thing i think is one day we'll all forget how to drive. i mean a lot of people are forgetting now. i don't know how to type or write anymore. i forget phone numbers. maybe that's a good thing. how far should this go to, how much skill set should we lose and give to the technology? >> well, you always have to remember, charles, that we're in charge. the technology doesn't get to decide what it does. we get to decide, human beings get to decide. i think ultimately we need to set the bar, are we using this technology to make peoples lives better and make people safer? that's really what we're trying to do. the rest of it is in the details. it is in the details about what we want. we need to talk about it, we need to say, okay, we want our cars to gossip so it can keep us
9:49 am
safer but we don't want us to infringe on our privacy. that is something we think is important as well. we need to start having that conversation now. charles: we're glad you guys are on i it because i look forward to those days. we appreciate your time. >> thanks, charles. good talking to you. charles: they want to belief in global warming. they want us all to believe in global warming hysteria that the world is coming to an end. surprise, surprise, the earth is actually cooling. that's right, it is cooling. that's next. ♪
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charles: we are following apple real closely today. carl icahn is in for the long haul. sean ghailani and i agree this is screaming buy. $495 a share. the same group that said in 2012 was among the 10 warmest years on record, worldwide. now that same group has forgotten to mention this new piece of evidence, news, rather. 2012 was one of the coolest years of the decade. the national oceanic atmospheric administration released state of
9:54 am
the climate 2012, shows slowing down melting of arctic ice this summer. i don't know, where are the global warmers out there? where is the climate change hysteria out there? we're cooling now, liz. liz: so confusing is, there is no consensus on global warming, but people say the planet is warming, the joke it is sort of like, hey, forecast is warm with the chance of stimulus, you know. charles: that's a great point. stimulus, money. that is what this is all about. money, redistribution of money, grant money. this is always a lot about money. historically the world has gone through different climates. i think the real argument, why does it happen? is it our fault? is it mankind's fault? more specifically is it the ugly american's fault? and if so they should pay up. liz: antarctic sea ice is reportedly growing. i feel like there is so much imbalance on coverage of this and we don't really know on each
9:55 am
side of the aisle. science needs to come to consensus what is happening. charles: i don't know if you can't do it without the money stimulus part. new at 10:00, we have a rarity for you, a-list hollywood celebrity used common sense. he talked about hard work. talked about respecting whatever job you get in your life. author of hollywood hypocrites will react to that. he is coming right up. we'll talk to someone from rj reynolds but their new cigarette, vu. are they looking to squeeze out, buy out or burn out the little guy. lois learner's email problems are not only problems facing irs. how the taxman is bullying small businessmen. say uneight so. next. [ male announcer] surprise -- you're having triplets.
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now you can get all the online trading tools you need without any surprise fees. ♪ it's notocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. spacex and here is that we for you. obamacare. we will talk about another day of deadly clashes in egypt. listen to what ashton kutcher told a group of audiences. we will ask someone from r.j. reynolds. you cannot build anything in california. does our boys really think this has any chance?
10:00 am
♪ charles: we begin by checking the big board. the dow off 42 points. growth in europe. no armageddon there. the question is, austerity may be working. >> we were talking about places like greece and italy and portugal and spain. we do not see those headlines anymore. it could be working and now we see that even in our own u.s. government, the furloughs are not as much of a problem. charles: to me, it seems common sense. you overspend money, you start
10:01 am
to save money. i wonder when we get evidence that this stuff works. right now, the evidence is absolutely phenomenal. >> right, charles. charles: right now i want to go to lauren. jcpenney's is among one of the losers. >> macy's is a loser today. it is the worst performing stock on the s&p 500. they missed expectations. the ceo says that the consumer is cautious right now. they are watching how they are buying their discretionary items. their back-to-school numbers, it is looking promising. perhaps, they will get back.
10:02 am
charles: perhaps. thanks a lot, lauren. yet another story from the irs. elizabeth macdonald has more on this. >> letters went out to 20,000 small businesses. possible income underreporting. the president says he wants to smooth out the tax code. he said that repeatedly. the irs is doing it's owned data gathering.
10:03 am
the thing is, the irs has credit card and debit card transactions. listen, you have underreported income. it is so confusing, they do not help the business by what amount they have underreported. charles: if anyone gets a letter from the irs, it is scary. i do not care who you are. it is a tough way to attack the only real engine of growth in this country. >> that is true. it is still pretty much what it has been historically. the thing to watch is always what the government is doing.
10:04 am
when we see them christmas tree certain goods -- charles: and then we find out the hard way. another way for a key provision for obamacare. i want to bring in conservative author and radio host and on this. not too long ago, there was a one-year path to get into big companies. this is a pretty healthy path to increase our rates. >> you start wondering. this seems to me like a 1%
10:05 am
issue, if you ask me. how many mistakes can one bill possibly have? charles: it is one thing to give a republican a gift and another thing for them to open it up and use it the right way. some people are saying delay it. it is not even about republicans anymore. what is the likelihood that this bill, this law could be put off or derailed in some form. >> i think that congress needs to pass legislation that says these things. the american people are screaming for this.
10:06 am
they need to keep screaming. they need to get louder and louder. charles: elizabeth macdonald just noted on it. are you hearing from your listeners that there is growing anger out there? >> i am hearing from a lot of folks that voted for obama before. he is handing it over to conservatives.
10:07 am
we are getting a mandate to buy a product that can be of unlimited cost. charles: you are absolutely right. thanks a lot. we have an ipo for you today. in addition to that, the egyptian government, you know what, before we do that, i want to talk about this ipo. let's go to lauren. >> it is trading above $25. charles: thank you very much, lauren. let's get back to the egyptian government. they just announced that there is a one month egyptian
10:08 am
emergency. we want to bring in john bolton. i kind of thought that the morsi thing was over with. >> clearly, the brotherhood has not given up on the idea of bringing morsi back. in many respects, the brotherhood has welcomed the confrontation that we see unfolding now. they want the military to crack down. a number of them look forward to becoming martyrs. i am afraid, over the last six
10:09 am
weeks since morsi was overthrown, it is predictable that this was going to happen. charles: ambassador, leaders over there actually slammed america. >> the united states needs to define what its interests are. this is the bedrock of american foreign policy in the middle east. we will take care of answers like making sure terrorists do not take over.
10:10 am
second, we need in egyptian government that keeps open the suez canal. they will continue to escalate. fill us in on what exactly has gone on over there. >> china has one aircraft carrier that they have inherited. they just announced plans to build three new aircraft carriers. in a relatively short period of time they will be building capability.
10:11 am
they will be able to go up against japan. three aircraft carriers is not the equivalent of america's ten aircraft carriers. we have the whole world that we need to watch out for. this is a very major challenge. charles: real quickly, ambassador, i am saying a large part of it is the idea that japan will re- bolster. we can see an arms race in asia which really would not be good for anyone. >> he has to get his economy moving first. make no mistake about it, he is a japanese nationalist. we have seen these countries conflict before. it could easily happen again.
10:12 am
charles: it is the big guy versus the little guy. we are talking about e-cigarettes after the break. ♪ the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card to fly home for the big family reunion. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly any airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actuay use,
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charles: having a great day today. i am going to try to make you some money. looking at just go solar. the selling price is coming down. they will continue to do pretty well. a volatile stock. you can probably make a lot of money if you just ride the wave. they will probably get the little guy up. r.j. reynolds are unveiling their new e cigarette.
10:16 am
stephanie, listen, i know you probably do not want to take that angle. these little guys came out of nowhere with these e cigarettes. now you guys are playing catch-up. >> i am here in denver. colorado is the first market that we have launched in. i have been talking to customers. i went to our first engagement festival. customers are telling us that the product is flying off of the shelf. we have seen the other businesses duck line since we have introduced our market here in colorado. we could not ask for better results. charles: what is so different about yours and these others that are somewhat established?
10:17 am
>> that is a good question. we see a lot of smokers who have switched to an e cigarette and the product is just letting them down. we want to deliver a consistent, perfect path every time. we are hearing that from our consumers. it is the only e cigarette that is made in the united states. >> this is elizabeth mcdonald here. the question is, how will the fda come down on e cigarettes? will they be regulated as a medical device? >> the fda does have authority
10:18 am
to regulate e cigarettes. they can be regulated as a tobacco product. we look forward to seeing what those regulations are. we know and believe that the agency will create a framework that is established on sound science. charles: congratulations on your debut. competition is what makes great products. congratulations. >> thank you. charles: we will spend tens of thousands on a college education, graduate and then you live at home with your parents for as long as you can. dr. keith ablow is next. ♪
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♪ charles: time now for a check at the markets.
10:23 am
here you go, a healthcare company public with obamacare on the way. the ipo is a pretty nice, by the way. millennial parents, they are okay with the idea of their children living with them at home. dr. keith ablow joined those now. my father told me i was out at 18. >> they are not doing that anymore. so many forces are disempowering for people these days.
10:24 am
i fear that people are not getting the sense that says i will have my own life. you can have a fake life online. charles: is it the parents, though? my son is 16. i know i have to do what they're going to college real soon. i will be really sad about that. it is disheartening. >> i think it is two things. yes, the parents potentially indulging their own anxieties about launching these kids. this is a global, cultural problem and a psychological one.
10:25 am
it may have some medical benefits. >> one of the best things that my parents did is charge us rent. even when we were in high school. [laughter] >> i need to talk to your parents. >> i thought it was a great way to grow up. we are talking six years for the
10:26 am
millennial's. what do you make of the difference? >> we will be looking at 12 or 14 years because we have a cultural phenomenon on the way. there are not the jobs there. charles: at the heart of this is social media. >> i have to tell you, it indulges narcissism.
10:27 am
being friends with a narcissist is no fun. i took a ceo for eight to work around his offices. we walked around all of the cubicles. there are pictures of themselves. we have lost ourselves in a hall of viewers. it is a path to nowhere. >> i just do not see it getting any better. there is always something new. we just fell deeper and deeper into this thing. even best friends can break up
10:28 am
if someone posts the wrong photograph. >> our first lady is in a rap video now. need we say more. charles: ashton. we have the reaction to this after the break. >> i have never had a job in my life that i was better than. i was always just lucky to have a job. every job that i had was another stepping stone to the next. ♪ ♪
10:29 am
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nobody likes to miss out. that's why ally treats all their customers the same. whether you're the first or the millionth. if your bank doesn't think you're special anymore, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally. charles: take a look at apple. at her turned advisor. he sent a message that is often ignored. >> i believe that opportunity looks a lot like hard work. when i was 13, i had my first job. then i got a job washing dishes
10:33 am
at a restaurant. then i got a job at a grocery store. then i got a job at a factory. i have never had a job in my life that i that i was better than. i never quit my job until i had my next job. jason, i have to tell you, this is the opposite of what we hear a lot from most celebrities. >> it is sad when it is big news for a celebrity to come out and say, hey, guys, you want to be successful, work hard. i guess, you know, he is a little bright spot here. telling whiny teenagers that
10:34 am
they should work hard. it is interesting. one job leads to another. it is a stepping stone. it is a stark contrast. they are satisfied with young people being stuck in a fast food restaurant. charles: i love the part about him being beneath each job. he took indirect aim. most of the times, people should be grateful for the job that they have. i like the reaction that i heard
10:35 am
in that audience. >> so do i. you have to be smart and generous. he told the audience that to become find my limitations set by others. a very different set of principles we hear them but we did, unfortunately, from the president of the united states. your success is in the hands of not yourself, but apparently some bureaucrats in washington, d.c. >> what do you make of the fact that some hollywood news websites are saying that he is. hollywood is now attacking the
10:36 am
actor. >> it will blow over. in fact, i do not think it is really a surprise that ashton kutcher would give a speech like this. there is no rhyme or reason about how we evaluate success. he gives a very clear message. he supports politicians. charles: you could dd to the list jay-z and a whole bunch of other people.
10:37 am
most of our viewers are saying they do not even believe the guy. >> maybe studying steve jobs life is similar to ashton kutcher. this is a very different appearance from what young people in the audience were expect being. they appear to be very receptive to the message. we should embrace the message.
10:38 am
charles: kris jenner took offense to president obama dissing her. kim works hard. maybe a lot more fish will jump out of this pond sooner rather than later. >> they overwhelmingly support liberals. they have legions of accountant to make sure that they get every penny that they earn and try to limit the federal government's reach into their pockets. if anything, if you look at what the cardassians have done
10:39 am
building an empire, a very successful empire, you can take that, even if you disagree with a lot of their messaging. instead, we get these lectures as though they have earned their success at the expense of others. >> it is not growing the pizza pie. charles:
10:40 am
>> there are many more hollywood hypocrites. charles: the tide is turning for the president. this time, it is -- a lot of hype on this thing. some think it could work. we have radio host next. he will react to both of those stories after the break. ♪ right now, 7 years of music is being streamed.
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10:43 am
cameramen from our fox sister station was shot and killed in the fighting. tim armstrong, he is apologizing for publicly firing an employee. up next, obama supporters are beginning to turn on him. ♪
10:44 am
10:45 am
♪ charles: they are located in chicago. they make of ben's, briars, everything for restaurants. they will be around for a long time. i think this is a great stock. president obama not doing enough to help minorities find jobs. >> the fact is that when president obama was sworn in on january 20, 2009, the black unemployment rate was 12.7%.
10:46 am
it now stands at 13.8%. charles: larry elder joins us now. >> this is a guy who understands welfare has destroyed lakh families. he almost sounds like milton friedman. charles: almost. the economic message is one that i think you and i share.
10:47 am
i think black people will be worse off them better. >> well, i will tell you something. at 14%, black unemployment, it is unconscionable. they do not know what to do about it. there is a direct relationship between that and not having a dad in the home. they understand that sharpton, jackson apparently do not.
10:48 am
charles: they never look for an alternate solution. it is more of the same. more government programs, give them a free cell phone, do this, do that. they will not be honest about the job the president is doing. do you believe that young black woman are often or sometimes have children to get additional benefits? 54% of poor people said yes. they are telling us what is going on, we are just not listening. charles: elon musk, this guy is
10:49 am
absolutely amazing. he wants to do it in california, of all places. he is over simplifying the challenge. we have given california a lot of money to do a lot of things. >> it does not surprise me. we will show you how it is done. i would imagine that, edison probably got a letter from some candle maker at some point being told that he is full of it. >> if some guy is coming along offering a better idea, give him a plan. let him go wrong with this.
10:50 am
charles: i agree. elon musk, i happen to be a great fan. it would be amazing if somehow all of this money that they are dumping into these products, you know what, we will hand it over to you. we know you can do a better job than me. >> nobody really believes these things will happen, charles. we live in an era where d.c. says they have no money. where will the money come from?
10:51 am
charles: thank you. we will see you soon. obamacare, we know it is coming. do we think it is smart to go public? we will talk about that after the break. ♪ peace of mind is important when you're running a successful business. so we provide it services you can rely on. with centurylink as your trusted it partner, you'll experience reliable uptime for the network and services you depend on.
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10:55 am
>> president obama is on vacation, but that certainly has not stopped his cabinet from making more and runs around congress. we will talk about whether a lame-duck president can still use constitutional power. tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern. ♪ charles: i want to check the shares of envision healthcare. the ceo joins us now. what is it like to go public with the healthcare company? very, charles, it is last year we treated over 13 million patients. 2 million of those were not
10:56 am
anything whatsoever. >> your focus is mostly on small businesses. how does your family company stand out from the crowd? >> we provide care before the patient comes to a hospital. we provide care in the hospital with our physicians. charles: congratulations on the ipo. >> president obama is on vacation. ♪
10:57 am
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10:59 am
♪ charles: president obama on a leisurely vacation out at martha's vineyard. this must pump you up. >> i thought he was not going to rest until the jobless rate really went down. the thing with the dolphins is they have been asking to meet with the president since the nixon a. charles: the president is always breaking new ground. i just do not know. i do not get it. honestly, i am a superstitious guy.
11:00 am
you are a sports fan. connell: i am. i absolutely am a big sports fan. thank you, sir. have a good one. we will talk to you soon. a ups plane crash and alabamian earlier today. we will have the latest for you on this. there was a costly newsprint. thousands of dollar bills sent back. we will see what art laffer thinks about this. if you are worried about artificial sweeteners in your diet coke, coca-cola claims you should not be. we will have a report on that. the worst drivers in the world,

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